100% vocal
100% homemade
100% groovy
100% adorable

add one, the A cappella – and Vocal Group, which combine everything that makes music really good:
Groove, mood, improvisation, original songs with meaning and reason.
Without a safety net,  no instruments apart from our voices, we are a full band. It is pure vocal acrobatics when we imitate all possible and impossible instruments. We shake the stage with a drum solo and the next moment create empathetic, almost fragile soundscapes.
Jazz, Soul, Pop and some Brazilian rhythms become one with us, namely music.  Improvisation means a lot to us and adds a great deal to the show.  And that makes it such an experience – not just for the audience!
We can be funny,  but not necessarily need to.   Because we sing what is the point: our texts take a position on globalization, mass consumption of canned music, flair of big cities or I-phone mania.
add one – is a 100% genuine listening experience. Be there!


Our latest VIDEO!


“Wirklich super, was Ihr macht!” (Maybebop)

“Scat? Improvisation? …. Ihr macht also a cappella ohne Gesang ?”
(Neugieriger Musikfan)

“Ihr habt das gewisse ADD-was!”  (“Allegria”)

“You are a real unique group. Go on with that!”  (Kim Nazarian, New York Voices)

“Ergo  tralala  ad  libitum!”    (ADD ONE in Latin)